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Perpetum Nemzetközi Speciális Mentők
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Perpetum International Special Search and Rescue Foundation:

The primary purpose of PERPETUM is to assist and assist in the creation and operation of a Rapid Response Rescue Group specializing in support of the work of the specialized authorities in the prevention of domestic and foreign disasters, emergencies, accidents, life and survival, and disadvantaged social groups assisting families in crisis.

The PERPETUM International Special Search and Rescue Foundation was founded in 2009 and is open to all Hungarian and foreign nationals, legal persons and any community for the achievement of the goals, if they want to support their goals, financial or any other means.

8000 Székesfehérvár, Zámoly u. 63.   Tax nr:18503278-1-07
Mobile: 0036202627315  info@perpetum.hu   www.perpetum.hu
Magnetbank Bank account number: 16200247-1000 1040-00000000
HU33 162002471000 1040 0000 0000 IBAN number

For further work at the Perpetum Foundation, we want to buy a multifunctional vehicle that is essential for our activity.
We have received an offer from a foreign brother organization for a discounted purchase of a well-equipped ambulance for our purpose, for the half of its current value, amounting to 2,500,000Ft, cca 8.000 Eur. Because our financial resources are limited, we ask for financial support. If you can buy this vehicle with your support, thank you very much, and we give  advertising space on our car, facebook page, website and other areas.
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